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Smarter Than Einstein™

Smarter than Einstein is a logic puzzle based on the well-known "Einstein's Puzzle" or "Einstein's Riddle". Legend has it that the puzzle was invented by Albert Einstein as a boy and that Einstein claimed only 2 percent of the world's population can solve it. This legend appears to have little if any basis in fact, but it is an amusing game. Give it a try and prove that you are Smarter Than Einstein!

This version of the game consists of 4 rows and 4 columns. Each block created by an intersection of a row and a column has 4 possible choices. One of the 4 possible choices is the correct solution for each block. When the puzzle is solved, all of the blocks in the puzzle have only one of the 4 choices displayed.

Using the clues provided in a scrollable table above the game matrix, the user eliminates possibilities until it is clear which item is located in which block. A single touch of an item will block the item's image. If you hold your finger on the item for a second or more, it will cause the item to be selected as the answer for that block. If there is only one item left in a block, any touch of the item will cause it to be selected.

Once all blocks in the puzzle have a selection, a check is made by the program to see if the solution is correct. A message is printed indicating if the solution is correct or not.

The buttons on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen perform the following functions:

Graphic Clues switches the clues from text to graphical representaions of the clues. This button is only visibile when text clues are active.

Text Clues switches the clues from graphical representaions of the clues to text based clues. This button is only visibile when graphical clues are active.

Reset -- causes all of the choices on the current puzzle to be removed and the puzzle is reset to its beginning state.

New -- creates a new puzzle with a new solution and new clues.

Help -- Displays these instructions.